Linda Brenchley

Education and Training:
BComm degree with specialisation in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, with distinction (UNISA – 2002);   Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UNISA – -2005); Read More

I prefer and encourage a holistic approach to management, believing that the success of an organisation depends on the human resources or human capital an organisation is able to attract, employ, develop and retain, the culture of the organisation as well as its policies and procedures.

Empowerment and Sustainability:
I am passionate about empowerment and sustainability.  I believe that the individual, appropriately empowered, makes a significant contribution to the sustainable success of an organisation

Experience in education at high school, college and university level, as well as a number of organisational interventions, has demonstrated that organisations need to invest in training and development beyond formal education should they wish to attain and maintain excellence.  The need for mentoring and coaching, as part of a holistic development strategy, is also becoming increasingly apparent.

Organisations are a collection of individuals (employees), as such the psychological state of each employee contributes to organisational wellness and its success.  An individual’s psychological state has a direct impact on many human resource related matters such as presenteeism and job satisfaction amongst many others.  Experience has indicated that organisations that pay attention to employee (and organisational) wellbeing enjoy sound labour relations and greater organisational stability.

“People were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness” (unknown).

More About me

My priorities include:

Correctly selecting and placing employees (click here to link to human capital and Selection).

Training and development (click here and link to human capital development and succession planning).

effective use and management of human resources/capital (click here/read more to go to succession planning);

Organisational development (click here/read more to go to organisational development and organisational climate and employee satisfaction).

Employee and organisational wellbeing (including psychological fitness), occupational health and safety (click here to go to organisational climate and employee satisfaction, employee wellness and no-fault dismissals).

Career guidance (click here to go to career guidance).

The objective assessment of employment potential for medico-legal purposes (click here to go to Medico-legal / psycho-legal Services).

Sector/Industry experience:
Non-profit organisations
Private clients
Medico-legal and “forensic” services

I combined my interest in birding, sustainability and conservation in my Masters Research Project entitled “Empowerment of bird guides, their experiences and expectations resulting from training received as part of a conservation initiative”, published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG in 2012.

Co-authored a paper entitled “An analysis of supply chain collaboration in a sugarcane production and processing supply chain” published in June 2012. (Read more about citation)

Locally published newspaper article:  Amendments to Labour law set to change employment practices (2013).

Workplace Stress Booklet (published by Micromega Publishers in 2017).