Corporate and Career Services offered

Human Capital

A wide range of psychometric assessments, to determine a good fit for most occupations, are available.  The assessment or assessments selected will depend on the position.  Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.


Using psychometric assessments, the industrial psychologist can assist organisations with selecting candidates that will be a good fit for both the position and the organisation.  Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning involves more than replacing employees.  Combining succession planning with employment equity and skills development planning provides a holistic approach to human capital planning. Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.

Human Capital Development

Human capital development requires knowledge of both current job-skills as well as future job-skills required.  Organisations often need to develop employees bearing both current and future scenarios in mind.  Generic knowledge is acquired through academic training and learning centres while job specific skills are acquired at work.  Mentors and coaches play an essential role in employee development for job-specific skills.  Click here for more information about coaching as a development strategy (Then the text provided in red below will appear).  In addition, soft-skills are often necessary for success in any organisation. To find out more about training and development programmes offered or contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs. Read More

Organisational Development

Organisations, like humans, go through “life-cycles” and can experience growth, in some cases stagnation, and decline.  Organisations often grow and shrink in response to prevailing economic conditions although other factors such as corporate culture and age of the organisation also play a role.  Small and medium organisations often do not have the expertise to recognise, evaluate and manage these organisational life-cycles.  The industrial psychologist is trained to assist organisations with making sound business and human capital decisions as organisations move through these cycles. Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.

Organisational Climate and Employee Satisfaction t

How employees perceive the organisation along different dimensions can be established by using approved, valid and reliable assessments and methodologies.  The Industrial Psychologist is able to assess perceptions held by employees as well as the prevailing organisational culture.   This information is essential for the facilitation of organisational development and/or change strategies. Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.

No-fault Terminations

At times it is necessary to terminate the services of an employee or employees due to no fault of their own.  This can be the result of poor health, economic down-turns and/or changes in technology.  The industrial psychologist can assist in a number of ways, such as:

  • The selection of employees to be retrenched.
  • Mitigating the impact anticipated retrenchments have on employees.
  • Providing career guidance and /or suggesting alternative suitable employment and/or career options for employees who have been injured or who are no longer able to perform their job duties due to ill health.

Contact the IOP to discuss your specific needs.

Career exploration and guidance

Making decisions regarding a future career starts when selecting the subjects, you will be writing in grade 12.  This is often a daunting task for parents and children.  Subject choice, and academic performance, allow for application to tertiary institutions to pursue diploma / degree studies needed for various occupations.  It is essential that students receive effective career guidance if they are to make wise and informed subject choices and career decisions.  For some individuals their careers unfold over time.  It is not unusual for working adults to question earlier career decisions and explore alternative careers later in life. Read More