Attain and Maintain Excellence

Services offered by:
Linda Brenchley  and Pat Brenchley

Unlocking individual and organisational potential allowing them to attain and maintain excellence


  • Encourage individuals and organisations to recognise that they:
  • Contribute to and are responsible for the quality of their work
  • Work and live in a dynamic, ever changing environment
  • Need to identify, respond and adapt to the challenges they face  
  • Should invest in innovative, new and future orientated approaches to work
  • Can attain success through nurturing their potential, ability, skills and talents
  • Are responsible for their own growth and development

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a whole person approach to development based on the interpersonal dynamics unique to each individual.  While coaching techniques or models may be fairly “universal” the development of each individual is personalised and tailored according to the needs of the client (the person being coached) at the request of the organisation (sponsor).  Thus coaching is a one-on-one development process between the coach and the client sponsored (or paid for) by the organisation requesting the coaching.  All parties involved in the coaching relationship will agree to the coaching objectives and as such all will be aware of both the objectives and the ideal outcomes.  The content of each coaching session (between the client and the coach) however, remains confidential.  The coach includes sponsors in the evaluation of progress and provides generous feedback to the client and the sponsors. 

Coaching received (depending on the client’s need) from an external coach is more effective than “in-house” coaching.  The main reasons for this being that:
•    There is no “authoritative” relationship between the coach and the client facilitating the development of trust, an essential component in the coaching process.
•    Neither the client nor the coach is able to engage in any form of “organisational” comparison (rank/status/salary, etc.) and all communication between the client and the coach can be open and honest.  
•    Corporate coaching
•    Executive coaching
•    Leadership coaching
•    Transitional coaching
•    Development coaching
•    Targeted skills coaching

Coaching experience
Pat and Linda have experience with coaching in the following industries:
•    Agriculture
•    Services Industry
•    Retail
•    Wholesale

What can you expect from your coach?
•    Your coach will be assigned to you according to your coaching needs (type of coaching required) and their relevant experience
•    A formally contracted relationship based on:
     o    Sound coaching practices
     o   Professionalism
     o    Confidentiality
     o     Honest open communication