Personal Profile

I am a Psychologist, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) specialising in Industrial & Organisational Psychology (PS0108383).  I run a private practice (0369365) registered with the Board of Health Care Funders, am a member of the Psychological Society of South Africa, the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists and the Lowveld Psychology Association.

Formal Education
Having completed the Development Programme in Labour Relations (Human Resource Management) with the Graduate School for Business Leadership (UNISA) in 1997, I continued my studies with UNISA obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (specialisation in Industrial and Organisational Psychology) with distinction in 2002, a Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organisational Psychology in 2005 and a Masters of Social Science (Psychology) degree in 2008 from the University of Kwazulu-Natal.   In addition to these studies I have a certificate in HIV/AIDS Care & Counselling (UNISA), a Management Development Programme (University of the Orange Free State) and have done a variety of short courses including Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 and HACCAP) and Occupational Health and Safety.

A Holistic Approach
I prefer and encourage a holistic approach to management, believing that the success of an organisation depends on the culture of the organisation, and the resulting policies and procedures, as well as the human resources or human capital an organisation is able to attract, employ and retain.  Having a fair amount of experience as an employee, manager, consultant and lecturer I have come to realise that organisations have to be actively involved in training and development beyond formal education, in addition organisations now also need to ensure employee wellbeing.  The organisations that pay attention to these two aspects, on average, have happier, more productive and less disruptive employees, and the organisations are successful. 

Approach to training and development
I have been involved with training and development on a continuous basis.  I lecture psychology subjects, and facilitate “soft skills management” training, on a part-time basis.  Organisational and individual excellence is attained and maintained through skills and knowledge.  I am passionate about empowerment and believe that the individual, appropriately empowered, makes a significant contribution to the success of an organisation.  Training must be well planned and executed in response to and in anticipation of future knowledge or skills needs.  Development including mentoring, coaching, formal and informal training should be undertaken according to organisational needs and resources (skills requirements, budget and time constraints) as well as individual needs and resources (compensation, benefits, growth, ability, personality, values, etc.).  

Approach to organisational and employee wellbeing
Organisations are a collection of individuals (employees), as such the psychological state of each employee contributes to organisational wellness.  Psychological state has a direct impact on many human resource related matters.  Disciplinary action, absenteeism and staff turnover increases, while work and job satisfaction decreases, in organisations where employees do not experience psychological fitness.  I have found that many employees face disciplinary action, often not as a result of deliberate misconduct but rather as a result of psychological “depletion”.  I have been very involved with emotional management in the workplace and have had a significant amount of success with anger management, in particular.  Success is contributed to each participant, however part of this success I believe is based on a willingness to refer and work together with appropriately trained professionals as a member of a multi-disciplinary team where and when such approach is required and/or appropriate.

My priorities are:  Training and development; effective use and management of human resources/capital; career guidance; organisational development; employee and organisational wellness including psychological fitness and occupational health and safety.

My corporate experience includes, but is not limited to:
•    Assessments for selection, placement, training and development (Bursaries, apprenticeships, Engineers in Training, and
     Management trainees),
•    Assessments for succession planning (Learning and Developmental potential),
•    Assessing integrity (Positions requiring a high degree of trust),
•    Human Resource Management  focusing on selection and placement; drafting human resource related policies, working
     on induction programmes and managing a skills budget,
•    Industrial Relations (Wage Negotiations and Disciplinary Matters),
•    Skills development and planning (Skills plans, Employment Equity Plans, etc.),
•    Organisational Wellness and Development (Quality of Work-Life and Psychological Fitness),
•    Managing emotions in the workplace (Anger Management)
•    Career counselling (progression /succession planning)

Work related experience has been gained in the following sectors/industries:
•    Agricultural
•    Manufacturing
•    Wholesale
•    Retail
•    Print media (advertising)
•    Banking

Interests and Activities
Being a keen birder I decided to combine my interest in conservation and birding with my passion for empowerment and did my Masters research on the “empowerment of bird guides, their experiences and expectations resulting from training received as part of a conservation initiative”, this was published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG in 2012.  In 2010 I co-authored a paper entitled "An analysis of supply chain collaboration in a sugarcane production and processing supply chain" which is due for publication in June 2012.  In 2011 I delivered a presentation entitled “The impact psychological fitness has on organisational effectiveness” at a conference hosted by The Ripple Effect (a national community newspaper that focuses on corporate health and wellness).