Medico-legal / psycho-legal Services

Fields of work

In this field work relates to personal injuries and dependents’ claims for loss of support, divorce action, and damages arising out of the employment practices.

Personal Injury

The role of the industrial psychologist is to assist with the quantification of damages the individual suffered, or may suffer in future, due to a loss or reduction in work capacity and associated earnings or income potential. (Read more about citation)

Loss of support

Loss of support claims arising out of the death of a provider is similar to the process discussed above (personal injury).  Historical data with regards to the deceased provider and current market information is relied on to determine career paths.  A career path for a remaining partner/spouse is constructed as it is necessary to determine the total income.

Employment Relationships

Where an individual’s marketability has been affected as a result of the termination of a contract or other reason (sexual harassment / assault / industrial action) the industrial psychologist will provide an opinion with regards to alternative employment, retention or to determine the individual’s fitness as an employee.

What is considered

  • Socioeconomic circumstances;
  • Family background;
  • Educational background;
  • Employment history;
  • Psychometric test results (where applicable);
  • Collateral information;
  • Expert opinions;
  • Conditions in the open labour market.

Divorce Action

Industrial psychologists are required to provide information with regards to a reasonable income a spouse is able to generate in order to contribute towards their own upkeep.

Requesting an appointment

Contact the Industrial Psychologist via the contact form or by e-mail.

Fees and payment terms are available on request. Read More


Evaluations are conducted in-person at the referring attorney’s office or serviced offices (Regus) and can also be done virtually.


Evaluations are conducted in English or Afrikaans.  Should the client not be able to converse in English or Afrikaans the referring attorney will need to arrange for an interpreter / translator.Read More

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments, unless deemed essential (career guidance), are conducted.  The outcome of psychometric assessments contained in relevant expert reports are relied upon.


Reports are provided to the attorney requesting the evaluation.

Reports will not be provided to the client (claimant / defendant) or third party.

Reports are provided within the timeframe agreed to between the referring attorney and the industrial psychologist.Read More